Modern Times Review #89 | August 2021

Films and conversation from the European documentary industry

After a successful August festival month, seeing us at Dokufest Kosovo and Sarajevo Film Festival, Modern Times Review welcomes Nordisk Panorama and Human Rights Film Festival Berlin as early September partners. Please keep a lookout on our website and across social media for all the content related to these two great festivals and more in the coming month.

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All Things Bakelite: The Age of Plastic
Director: John Maher

Hagiography of the inventor of the world's first plastic, pushing the message that it «is the material of dreams».

The Mushroom Speaks
Director: Marion Neumann

When the world seems to be falling apart, can the answers humanity need reside in the mushroom?

Director: Marija Zidar
(Sarajevo Film Festival)

An age-old Albanian tribal code forces a bereaved family to reconcile with their daughter’s murderer.

In the Billowing Night
Director: Erika Etangsalé

The French colonial crimes in Réunion island are slowly brought to light.

School of Hope
Director: Mohamed El Aboudi

A portrait of optimism in the harshest of environments with Morocco's nomadic Oulad Boukais Tribe.

The Same Dream
Director: Vlad Petri
(Sarajevo Film Festival)

The story of a Romanian soldier in the Afghan war and that of a young girl who found herself in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Factory to the Workers
Director: Srdjan Kovacevic
(Sarajevo Film Festival)

Under Tito's watchful eye, a post-Socialist dream of workers' ownership is put to the capitalist test.

Babi Yar. Context
Director: Sergei Loznitsa

Reconstructing and visualising the historical context of the Babi Yar tragedy, where 33,771 Jews were massacred during Ukraine's German occupation.


Massive Change

How about a look back over 30 years, to be able to see and act into the future?


«The Central and Eastern European Documentary industry is still healthy, despite damages that pandemic may have infused.»

Dokufest Artistic Director Veton Nurkollari on the festival's jubilee edition.