Modern Times Review #92 | September 2021

Films and conversation from the European documentary industry

Modern Times Review prepares our Autumn 2021 issue, to be released in October. Upcoming October 2022 festivals we count as partners include MajorDocs, Doclisboa, and Ji.hlava IDFF before moving onto Nordische Filmtage, Porto/Post/Docs, and IDFA.

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You Can’t Show My Face

Director: Knutte Wester

(Nordisk Panorama)

Rejected by society on its government-controlled streets, anonymous rappers seek the sounds of Tehran for both production and inspiration.

Seyran Ateş: Sex, Revolution and Islam

Director: Nefise Özkal Lorentzen

Female imam Seyran Ateş believes Islam needs a sexual revolution, resulting in Fatwas, bullets, death threats, and police protection.

NYC Epicenters 9/11 - 2021 1/2

Director: Spike Lee

Weaving together the stories, memories, and insights of those who were eyewitnesses to New York’s greatest challenges, Spike Lee's limited series is a rich tapestry of New York City in the 21st century.


Director: J.R. Heffelfinger

Weaving audio and video recordings, archival images, and re-enactments, an innovative documentary give a first-person account of the Hiroshima bombing.


«I am absolutely convinced that we need to leave our own bubbles as often as possible»

Human Rights Film Festival Berlin Director Anna Ramskogler-Witt on the festival's 4th edition.

«We noticed quite early on that this year’s films would be a challenge to thematise»

NORDISK PANORAMA Documentary programmers Cecilia Lidin and Hawa Sanneh on the festival's 32nd edition.


The Enemy Knows the System

Author: Marta Peirano

Manipulation of ideas, people, and influences after the attention economy.