Modern Times Review #96

Modern Times Review @ Ji.hlava IDFF

The Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival is the largest festival of creative documentary films in Central and Eastern Europe. It draws attention to documentaries notable for their innovative visual style and a deeper social reflection and confrontation. Modern Times Review will be on-site at the 25th Ji.hlava IDFF throughout the festival. Please keep an eye out for MTR 11 | Autumn 2021 available digitally for all accredited guests.

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All Light, Everywhere

Director: Theo Anthony

In the new golden age of surveillance, the blind spots are all around us.


Director: Francesco Montagner

A timeless tale of growing up in a land of both magic and hatred.

How to Kill a Cloud

Director: Tuija Halttunen

Is it okay to modify the atmosphere?

Landscapes of Resistance

Director: Marta Popivoda

An unorthodox documentary on the exceptional journey of one of Serbia's first female partisans, who helped lead the resistance in Auschwitz.


Director: Tomasz Wolski

In Communist Poland, revolt intensifies as workers strike over food price increases while tension builds in the dignitaries’ offices.

The Mushroom Speaks

Director: Marion Neumann

When the world seems to be falling apart, can the answers humanity need reside in the mushroom?


Director: Natalia Almada

A dystopic visual essay reflecting on the filmmaker’s children’s future in a technological world.

War and Peace

Director: Martina Parenti & Massimo D'Anolfi

Ever since they met in 1911, the moving image and war have had a contentious relationship.