Modern Times Review #98

Modern Times Review @ IDFA 2021

IDFA offers an independent and inspiring meeting place for audiences and professionals to see a diverse and high-quality program. The diverse nature of the event applies to the form and content of the films as well as to the cultural backgrounds of the filmmakers. IDFA offers an alternative to mass entertainment and uniformity, confirming that there is an increasing need in audiences for high-quality films that delve deep and urge us to reflect.

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ChileDoc descends on IDFA with diverse selection of Chilean productions

IDFA announces main competition slate; opening film for 34th edition

IDFA announces 62 selected projects for 2021 IDFA Forum co-financing/co-production market

IDFA announces 2021 Masters, Best of Fests, and Paradocs selections

IDFA announces focus programmes and 2021 DocLab theme

IDFA announces first 2021 programme details

IDFA adjusts programme and award structure


Film editing – classical or not?

After 40 years as film editor, Niels Pagh Andersen now has written an inspiring book combined with video interviews with 8 filmmakers. What did he learn on this long voyage?


«Cinema is about transcending us»

Artistic Director Orwa Nyrabia on the safety measures, the new competition approach, and the current IDFA experience.



Director: Tomasz Wolski

In Communist Poland, revolt intensifies as workers strike over food price increases while tension builds in the dignitaries’ offices.

A River Runs, Turns, Erases, Replaces

Director: Shengze Zhu

Wuhan, the epicenter of Covid-19, wakes up from its lockdown to continue its drive as a city of the future.

All Light, Everywhere

Director: Theo Anthony

In the new golden age of surveillance, the blind spots are all around us.

As I Want

Director: Samaher Alqadi

Following a string of sexual assaults, As I Want documents a burgeoning women’s rebellion.

Babi Yar. Context

Director: Sergei Loznitsa

War crimes and the assisting population


Director: Aliaksei Paluyan

The brave and peaceful resistance from an underground theatre before and during the Belarusian presidential election protests.

F@ck This Job

Director: Vera Krichevskaya

The story of Russia's last national independent TV news station.

How to Kill a Cloud

Director: Tuija Halttunen

Is it okay to modify the atmosphere?

In the Billowing Night

Director: Erika Etangsalé

The French colonial crimes in Réunion island are slowly brought to light.

Little Palestine (Diary of a Siege)

Director: Abdallah Al Khatib

Gradually cut off, the civilians of the world’s largest Palestinian refugee camp organise themselves to resist starvation and despair.


Director: Marija Zidar

An age old Albanian tribal code forces a bereaved family to reconcile with their daughter’s murderer.

Taming the Garden

Director: Salomé Jashi

A single man wields enough power to uproot the living artifacts of his country’s collective history and memory.

The First 54 Years - An Abbreviated Manual For Military Occupation

Director: Avi Mograbi

An insight into how a foreign occupation works and the logic behind it.

The Gig is Up

Director: Shannon Walsh

On the front lines of the visible – and invisible – global platform economy.

The Last Shelter

Director: Ousmane Samassekou

Whispers of migrant dreams and nightmares on the edge of the Sahara.

The New Gospel

Director: Milo Rau

Returning to the origins of the gospel and staging it as a passion play for the rights of migrants.

Writing With Fire

Director: Sushmit Ghosh, Rintu Thomas

In a saturated media landscape dominated by men, India’s only newspaper run by Dalit women redefines what it means to be powerful.

Meet Modern Times Review @ IDFA. Our Industry Editor/Communications Manager Steve Rickinson will be on-site in Amsterdam from 18 - 23 November 2021.